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Samy – CEO

Augustin – CMO


Alexandre – Full-stack Senior Developer

Tom – Front-end Developer

Paul – 3D Artist

Yasindu – Level Designer

CryptoMonkey Empire is a MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) video game. This is currently in an alpha state and planned to be cross-playable between desktop and compatible mobile devices. This is about you, the player, having to manage monkeys so you can build an Empire. To do so, you will have to collect resources, build up a city, make technological progress, raise an army and attack other cities to loot their resources, making you even stronger.

But here is the trick:

One resource, the MonkeyCoin, is a cryptocurrency, meaning you’re going to compete and loot each other an ingame resource that has a real value – maybe in the hope to buy yourself a Lambo one day, who knows? MonkeyCoin price will be freely determined by the market (which means you).

Oh and there is more!

Technological progress is possible through BluePrints (BPs). BPs are ingame items generated by the MonkeyResearch Center in the form of NFTs (Non- Fungible Tokens), meaning you can either keep it for yourself and learn a new technology if you find it useful, or exchange/sell it for anything. A technology may be a special weapon for specific soldiers, an ability to spy an enemy, incendiary ammunitions and much more!

Build a powerful and technologically advanced city

Improve your production buildings to get more resources. Train troops accordingly to your strategy. Defend your lands from burglars. Create a marketplace: it will let you interact with the Blockchain to withdraw/exchange resources and BluePrints.

Your troops need time to travel around the world map. If different unit types travel together they’ll adapt their speed to the slowest one.

Create a Guild with your friend and make strategic alliances to maximize your chance of survival in this dangerous world.

MilkyWay Games loves and is proud to use UnrealUnreal Engine 4. Experience the cryptospace with a AAA approved game engine.


MonkeyCoin mining is only possible ingame with a MonkeyCoin Mine up and running in your city. Spend resources to upgrade it to the next tier and earn more MonkeyCoin.

Defend your mine at all cost.

You will get one Blueprint per day through your Monkey Research Center. Upgrade it to get more powerful and rarer Blueprints.

We will constantly update game mechanism to keep the economy healthy, get a good balance between inflation and deflation, and keep the MonkeyCoin valuation high. MMOs ingame economy are complex, thus the need to make some gradual changes.

crypto monkey empire gameplay monkey currency blockchain logo


210 billions MonkeyCoin minted and released over time. MonkeyCoins will start to be usable ingame in the 1.0 release.


Players need to earn MonkeyCoin to grow their cities. There is no maximum supply as players are able to produce MonkeyCoin from MonkeyCoin mine, thus the supply may rise proportionally to the player base.


There is no minimum supply. Players are free to spend as much MonkeyCoin as they want, lowering the circulating supply, which can theoretically tend to zero.

Not having a maximum supply doesn’t mean hyper inflation and low valuation. In CryptoMonkey Empire there are a LOT of heavily deflationary mechanism. Producing units and upgrading buildings will burn your coins. Dead soldiers from a battle means pure MonkeyCoin destruction. Even though players can produce MonkeyCoin they will need to spend a good chunk of it to upgrade and defend their city. Be sure that the best way to make the big bucks is by looting Monkeys on a massive scale.

Play this game like a free Monkey all over the world. This game has been designed to be fully decentralized. On paper. We will do it little by little, over time, as long as it doesn’t impact negatively your experience: Decentralized game doesn’t meet our standard at the moment because the technology is not production ready yet (slowliness, high cost, reliability…).

Even wallets used by the majority of individuals and professionals are far from using the last advancements, like 2nd layer solutions (Lightning Network for Bitcoin), that enables nearly instant transactions with tiny fees.

Blockchain and peer to peer technologies are evolving at a fast pace. So please just be patient, scalabilty solutions are already starting to get adopted. In the meantime we got you covered with a more centralized architecture so we can start playing soon without affecting your experience badly. Bear in mind that scalability, cost and performance is what matters the most for now.

Regarding decentralization it boils down to processing the logic on the Avalanche protocol and using peer to peer storage solution like IPFS11 for data. We invite you to have a look at Decentraland whitpepaper at “2.2 Content Distribution Layer”, this is more or less where decentralized 3D video games are heading regarding game content storage.

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