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Games directly involving money outside of esport and casino games couldn’t really exist without cryptocurrencies and NFTs

It’s often hard or impossible to exchange Ingame items and resources outside of the game.

Selling them for real money is even harder and cannot always be done in a safe manner (some centralized platform let us do it to some extent, involving high fees and many problems to send this money to your bank account).

Many developers prefer a closed market where they get all the benefits and most gamers won’t make any money.

Game studios operate like any other company, forcing them to comply with too complex and costly regulations, while being different from a country to another. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone when your video game involves real money. CryptoMonkey Empire is designed to maximize quality over anything else.

Game companies would also have to deal with the already existing and centralized financial system. It offers few freedom, have high fees, and no security as your business could be shutdown if your payment processors wanted to.

Decentralizing your game solves those problems

Decentralizing your game solves those problems. We have seen many interesting decentralized game made by Blockchain developers. But it lacks the design, quality and feeling you would expect from a game made by a video game company : the only big success we’ve seen is Decentraland1. As it is a Sandbox type of game where the community is in charge of building on it, it removes the need for having a professionally made game design.

On the other hand, more centralized crypto-gaming platform saw an important growth in 2021 as it enables easy access for video game developers to blockchain technologies. It may be a good thing for the ones who works on centralized game and don’t have expertise in Blockchain technologies (you can’t decentralize any type of game due to technical limitations, thus having good reasons to exist). We also see some risks here :

They are more exposed to regulations.

As they now depend on a third party platform, when they will build the game that will be hard and costly for them to move somewhere else if the platform is either dying (it happens a lot in the cryptospace) or just changing the fee system and overcharges game developers (think about Uber, offering low fees to attract people then raising everything to lock them in).

Understand our technological choices and our game design

Now you can understand better our technological choices and our game design and what makes CryptoMonkey Empire so special : we have both expertise in blockchain technologies and video game development.
We use Unreal Engine 4, an industry standard game engine, something you hardly see on the Blockchain space, even with the centralized games. Our game is cross-playable : you can play on your computer, and continue your progression on your mobile phone after leaving your house. We will leverage Unreal Engine power by adding unannounced features to the game.

We designed a game that can be fully decentralized : MMO-RTS are slow paced game, enough to let all the processing run on a decentralized Blockchain. It remains a tricky process, thus the need to start with a centralized backend that we will decentralize over time. We use Blockchain technologies for the most important stuff now : the MonkeyCoin and NFTs. We will achieve decentralization as the technology let us doing so without deteriorating game quality and performance.

We stopped waiting for Ethereum 2.0 to solves scalability issue

We stopped waiting for Ethereum 2.0 to solves scalability issue and we won’t run a MMO-RTS on a platform that uses Proof of Work consensus mechanism (It is being ditched out, but we don’t know exactly when). As we are not tied to any third party, we are free to move around. While we see a lot of solutions gravitating around Ethereum to make it more scalable and improve interoperability, Avalanche takes it the other way around and we jumped into it :

It uses DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs, think of IOTA) It’s already scalable (forget about Polkadot, Matic, etc…).

It can run Virtual Machines like the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) , so all the stuff we did on Ethereum can be easily and nearly instantly deployed on Avalanche and benefits from high speed and low fees.

Avalanche is about subnets: You can build your own virtual machine to optimize it for your specific use, it will still benefit from high interoperability with other Blockchains.

This high interoperability let us transfer assets between networks like BSC, Ethereum Mainnet, etc… (Think about Cosmos2).

We don’t believe in one Blockchain

We don’t believe that one Blockchain/Platform/crypto… is better than another. We believe the future will consist of many different decentralized networks (with its own pros and cons) that will be able to communicate between each others. We will make a smart use of them as our needs evolve. Why an MMO-RTS ? Besides decentralization capability, there are two others very important reasons behind this choice :

– Design a game that takes full leverage of Blockchain technologies. You can steal real money to any other players in real time, in a never ending universe. The research center will produce random NFTs. If you’re lucky enough you can get a rare and expensive one that will give you special abilities, like upgrading your army weaponry or spying enemies.

– MMO-RTS is already a huge success : we can count hundred of thousands of active players all over the world. Look at Clash of Clan and OGame statistics as an example :



Video game is a 160B market, mobile gaming represent around 50% of users. Mobile gaming has seen an explosive growth. Even more so regarding cryptocurrencies. Let’s mix them !

1) https://decentraland.org/

2) https://cosmos.network/

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