CryptoMonkey Empire

Loot monkeys, ride lambos

The crypto game where you attack other players in a large scale MMO-RTS to steal their cryptocurrencies and make money !

Build your Empire

Build your village, prepare your army and conquer the world.

Become the most powerful Monkey

Rule in a world where Monkeys fight each other for power and wealth.

Loot your opponents cryptocurrencies

MonkeyCoin is both an ingame resource and a cryptocurrency. Attack and loot your enemies’ MonkeyCoin to earn real money !

Discover the Game

CryptoMonkey Empire devices

Crossplayable between mobile and Desktop !

CME is crossplatform : it will support as many devices as possible.

Discover a new way to interact with digital assets

Who said getting into crypto wasn’t easy ? Become part of the cryptospace with ease and fun. MonkeyCoin mining only occurs inside the game, with a MonkeyCoin mine up and running.


CME has been engineered to be fully decentralized. Like Bitcoin

Earn MonkeyCoin

Stake OLIVE on Avalanche, earn MKC

Farm MKC, earn Olive and transaction fees

Contract address

Buy Olive on Avalanche

Download Pre-Alpha

Soon on

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Discover our gameplay’s musics

Crypto Monkey Empire gameplay's music

by CryptoMonkey Empire

Crypto Monkey Empire map's music

by CryptoMonkey Empire

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