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CryptoMonkey Empire

Loot monkeys, ride lambos

The crypto game where you attack other players in a large scale MMO-RTS to loot their cryptocurrencies in real time

Build your Empire

Build your village, create buildings and get resources

Create an ape army

Train ape troops and use them against your enemies

Loot your opponents cryptocurrencies

MonkeyCoin is both an ingame resource and a cryptocurrency. Attack and loot your enemies’ MonkeyCoin to earn real money !

Get your NFT guild banners

Only 1600 Units

CryptoMonkey Empire is a MMO-RTS like Clash of Clans or Guns of Glory. The most suitable game for mass adoption

CryptoMonkey Empire is both PvP/PvE.

Play to Earn and Loot !

Attack enemies villages and loot their tokens

CryptoMonkey Empire is a Cross-playable game


Clash of Clan have between 50 and 120M players.Guns of Glory : More than 1.3$ Billions in total revenue.
More than 200 Millions MMO-RTS player worldwide

CryptoMonkey Empire is built with Unreal Engine.
It is one of the very few Blockchain powered game that uses real AAA industry standard

CryptoMonkey Empire is fun to play, easy to understand and accessible to all

Enjoy a social experience in the ape metaverse

Bridging Binance Smart Chain users to Avalanche ecosystem 

CryptoMonkey Empire built its own Bridge between BSC and Avalanche

Download Pre-Alpha

Android Pre-alpha

Soon on





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Crypto Monkey Empire gameplay's music

by CryptoMonkey Empire

Crypto Monkey Empire map's music

by CryptoMonkey Empire

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